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Delaissé Conway - About Us

Being good enough is not good enough!

No event should be ordinary. It’s better to do nothing than provide something average as mediocrity is what people will see. It has never been more important to promote the “extraordinary” through your communication events.

The 4 ‘E’s

At DC we get excited about every event. Enthusiasm is as important as expertise and our aim is to get the maximum value from your budget. Experience helps us help our clients as we know what works best.

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The reason that clients come back to DC is the certainty of ideas, commitment and value.


Our clients are usually referred by word of mouth. This is due to the way in which we work – openly, honestly and with integrity.Common to each event is an understanding of your goals, after which we present creative solutions and finally there is the successful delivery of the event. Working in partnership with our clients builds a stronger and more robust relationship.

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Here are some words that best describe the nature of the events that we run: “creative, engaging, tailored, energising, motivating, unifying, challenging, rewarding, original, thought provoking” … “events put together and delivered with real zeal and commitment.”

If you think DC is an agency you could work with then you should give Ledwyn a call on 01243 576 015.

Our knowledge/skills base includes: participative events (teambuilding, activity/fun days etc) & live/communication events (conferences etc), facilitation, catering, marqueeing, production, entertainment (artistes/bands etc), theming, transport and so on.

Contact us on 01243 576 015 or 07814 008 471 or email us at Delaissé Conway if you would like to know more. Whether it's organising an event that will exceed guests' expectations, organising a successful conference or a day's team building - please give us a call.